Pyramid Urns (hand painted)
We can paint any decoration you like on our urns.
They are available in the “standard version” or the price friendly “BASIC LINE version”
>>>Click here to see the difference between Standard version and Basic Line version<<<
  We have a wide range of different models to choose from for the decoration
  We also have the weather and frost resistant outdoor version available (at extra cost)

    ◄-You can watch and/or download the price list "Pyramid Urns" here. - under construction...

click on any of the photo’s below for a larger photo
Pyramid Urn Coal tit

Pyramid Urn Coal tit with forget-me-not

Order number P 1010

Pyramid Urn Sun

Pyramid Urn Sun

Order number P 1031

Pyramid Urn Playing Cards

Pyramid Urn Playing Cards

Order number P 1005

Pyramid Urn Butterfly on Butterfly Bush

Pyramid Urn Butterfly on Butterfly Bush

Order number P 1021

Pyramid Urn Sunflower B

Pyramid Urn Sunflower B

Order number P 1028

Pyramid Urn Parakeets Pyramid Urn Parakeets with Forget-me-not

Order number P 1041

Soccer Pyramid Urn

Soccer Pyramid Urn, decorated with soccer balls & club logo

Order number P 1088

Pyramid Urn Squirrel

Pyramid Urn Squirrel

Order number P 1063

Pyramid Urn  Coal Tit with Honeysuckle Pyramid Urn Coal Tit with Honeysuckle

Order number P 1009

Pyramid Urn Kingfisher

Pyramid Urn Kingfisher (outdoor urn)

Order number PHK-20 IJsvogel