Memorial Plates (hand  painted)
Phoenix Urns now also offers the possibility of choosing a hand painted memorial plate for home decoration.


* if you don't want to keep the cremation ashes at home, there's also the possibility to choose for a memorial plate for home decoration to commemorate a loved one.
* you can choose a plate from the different sizes and shapes available, and with any decoration you like (also your own idea).
* a name, date of birth and date of death, a poem from the condolance card etc. can be painted on the plate too (at the front or at the back of the plate).


    ◄-You can watch and/or download the price list "Memorial Plates" here. - under construction...

click on any of the photos below for a larger photo
memorial plate Hummingbirds

memorial plate Hummingbirds 25 cm

Order number 6-138

memorial plate Two Birds

memorial plate Two Birds 35 cm

Order number 6-139

memorial plate Robin

memorial plate Robin 16 cm

Order number 6-140

memorial plate Coal tit

memorial plate Coal tit 16 cm

Order number 6-141

memorial plate Sparrow memorial plate Sparrow 16 cm

Order number 6-142

memorial plate Great crested grebe memorial plate Great crested grebe 41x 36 cm

Order number 6-143

memorial plate Bird with Bamboo memorial plate Bird with Bamboo 16 x 12 cm

Order number 6-144